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For years, the Flemish Construction Confederation has been promoting the end-to-end recycling of building materials and earthworks in Flanders - northern region of Belgium - so it can ensure the use of safe, recycled raw materials in the construction industry. Its tagline - Construction, Energy and the Environment - is reflected in initiatives such as high-quality earthworks, the selective tracing of demolition and construction waste as a raw material for new applications, and the Green Construction project, which encourages the importance, knowledge and application of natural materials and construction techniques. Construction and demolition waste and earthworks make up a significant proportion of waste. In Flanders, the sector reuses 95% of its construction and demolition waste and excavated soil is meticulously traced and reused. Circular construction is gradually becoming the benchmark.

Construction as a precursor in waste reuse in Flanders, northern region of Belgium

  • 64% of all waste comes from the construction sector
  • more than 90% of construction waste is already being reused

Construction industry focuses on circular ambitions

  • higher quality recycled materials
  • more high-quality applications
  • including difficult types of waste - such as electrical waste from demolition - recovery

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On 17 October 2019, the Flemish and Walloon Construction Confederations, VCB and CCW, gave a joint presentation in Luxembourg on Belgian activities and projects promoting circular construction. Addressing an audience of over 140 stakeholders, Marc Dillen and Francis Carnoy discussed initiatives including Tracimat and Grondbank in Flanders and...

"Construction is the be-all and end-all of the circular economy; we play a role throughout the entire material chain," This was stressed by Marc Dillen, Director-General of the Flemish Construction Confederation (VCB), during the launch of the Green Deal Circular Construction on 22 February at the BATIBOUW trade fair. What makes the Flemish...

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