Construction companies in Belgium launch online matchmaker towards a circular construction economy


The Flemish Construction Confederation presents 'Werflink'

The Flemish Construction Confederation recently launched the online platform Werflink in collaboration with construction company Besix, Vlaanderen Circulair. With this online platform Construction companies within Belgium will be able to share unused construction equipment, materials, resources and freight space with each other through One of the purposes of the construction sector is to make intelligent use of the available resources on a local level thanks to this platform. This online tool will help to prevent excess waste, materials and resources will not get lost and costs will be saved as there won't be any need to purchase new materials etc. At this point an extensive testing phase is being conducted in cooperation with a series of construction companies in Flanders, Brussels and Wallonia. In addition, companies in the Northern of France could participate in this initiative as well.

The basic idea of this online tool is to match supply and demand between construction companies and sites from the same region so that unnecessary transport van be avoided. Construction companies with excessive materials on their sites, with machines that are temporarily not in use or have available freight space can be linked to contractors who are looking for this capacity. users of the online tool simply have to create an account so their supply and demand become visible for other users. From there on, the construction companies can place advertisements or respond to them and finalise the transaction safe and quickly.

The system provides three key benefits:

  • Financial: cost savings by renting or borrowing equipment temporarily instead of purchasing new equipment and materials, and the realization of additional turnover by renting out materials and services or selling it to fellow companies.
  • Sustainable: efficient use of existing products and materials leads to less purchases, less production and therefore less waste of raw materials and energy.
  • Social: shared use of equipment, facilities and services on a local level stimulates a culture of local collaboration and connection.

As this innovative and new tool will need the support of the entire sector in order to be a success, we will start with a pilot project which will last until June 2019. During this period, it is possible to match and monitor available resources with nearby construction sites. Almost thirty interested partners have already signed up. These partners are large construction companies as well as smaller contractors originating with various building expertise, such asthe insulation sector, the sanitary sector, general contractors etc. Once these participating companies start building experience with this brand new concept, the number of participating contractors and construction companies will really take off.

"Werflink is another step forward in taking the circular character within the construction sector to a higher level. In addition to re-using waste streams, on which we have been working hard for a long time, we now have an instrument to use the available equipment, materials and resources more efficiently within the sector. After all, it is an initiative on a Belgian level, but with a focus on a more intense interaction between activities on a local level. The result will be that substantial costs on production and transport will be saved", says Marc Dillen, general director of the Flemish Construction Confederation.

"Werflink is the first platform for the construction sector in the world. It's an excellent example of how companies, interest groups and local authorities can perform miracles towards transitioning to a circular economy by collaborating, connecting and sharing. The FLOOW2 team is, of course, very proud to be able to support this project."- Kim Tjoa, Co-Founder FLOOW2.

"Recently, Besix launched its future vision 'BESIX FORWARD': We consider our role in society as supporting economic, social and environmental progress and aiming for better quality of life for people. Our purpose: 'Excel in creating sustainable solutions for a better world'. For Besix, sustainability is therefore an aspect of corporate social responsibility." - Erwin Dresen, Lead Buyer at Besix.

Interested construction companies and contractors can find more information and can already participate by registering through the following link:  

A couple of participating companies :

supporting partners :