3 Regions exchange knowledge at RE C² study day


Within the scope of the European Interrreg project RE C² , a cross-border seminar was organized on 30 January 2020 on circular construction and the reuse of materials in France, Flanders and Wallonia.

During this study day, attendees were given the opportunity to exchange knowledge and good practices on the traceability of secondary material and soil flows and on the regulations of cross-border transport between the 3 project areas: Flanders, Wallonia and France.

The study day was well attended. With 95 participants, all parties in the construction value chain were represented: construction companies, architects, government agencies, professional federations, researchers and students from higher education.

The traceability of soils, granulates and of materials released from the demolition was explained by the vzw Tracimat and Grondbank from Flanders, from Wallonia by FEREDECO and Walterre and from France by Hesus and Soltracing. We continued with the regulations on cross-border transport, explained for Belgium by Bernard Deltour and for France by Laurène Provost, both lawyers at Industrious Lawyers. The morning ended with some practical testimonials from the Brussels BC Materials, Group De Brabandere and Soltracing.

In the afternoon, parallel sessions elaborated on the themes that were discussed in the morning. In small groups, the participants received further explanations from the Sol et des Déchets, Derbigum, OVAM, Tradecowall, Werflink and WTCB-CSTC, where there was room for specific questions and practical implementation.

The study day demonstrated the synergy and differences between the different regions in circular construction and the traceability and reuse of material flows. Being open to the testimonies of other regions, sharing knowledge and cooperation between all stakeholders from different regions is an important lever in the success of the circular economy.

This study day was organized by the Flemish Construction Confederation and Confédération Construction Wallone and is part of the Interreg project RE C², a project that guides your company on the road to reuse, recovery and recycling of your waste flows through the development of short circuits.

For those who want to know more about circular building in practice, a 3-day master class is being organized in the period March-May 2020 (in Dutch). The partners in the project are also organizing a study trip to Bordeaux from 11-13 March 2020, where participants are visiting a number of interesting circular projects and become more acquainted with the reuse and recycling sector.

More information about the Interreg RE C² project can be found on the website