Circular Flanders ; a 'first' retrospective on two years of collaboration


End 2019 a report has been published which provides you with an overview of the work carried out by the Circular Flanders operational team over the past two years. The construction sector has an important role to play here!

The Flemish Construction Confederation is active within the Steering Committee and (co) initiated several initiatives and project to boost the Circular economy.

The report also coincides with the end of the first period. On the establishment of Circular Flanders, we drew up a rolling programme for the 2017-2019 period with our Kick-off Statement. This retrospective report is a review of the plans set out in the Kick-off Statement at the time.

Our main conclusions? We have done more than foreseen. Three 'Open Calls" were launched to support more than 130 innovative circular projects. In 2019 the Flemish Construction Confederation together with OVAM launched the Green Deal Circular Construction, an unexpected opportunity with Circular Flanders and with an amazing number of 300 participants!

The Review report is an interactive PDF, illustrating the different activities and projects and introducing the partners within the Steering Committee.

At the time at which this report was drawn up, Circular Flanders was actively promoting a 'new start', with the restructuring of management and the development of a new work programme for the coming years. In a nutshell, this retrospective report has come at an excellent turning point, an opportunity to reflect on the lessons learnt to develop a roadmap for the future. We hope you really enjoy leafing through and reading this report.

More info: Circular Flanders